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Gwinnett County is Home to Two Remarkable Healthcare Practices - Meet Dr. Powell & Dr. Millington

By Our Town Gwinnett Staff

Dr. Kerith Powell and Dr. Belinda Millington both grew up in the US Virgin Islands. They each saw the need there for general healthcare practitioners and decided to pursue that as their life’s mission.

Dr. Millington got her Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University, with a major in chemistry and a minor in biology. She attended graduate school to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic and a degree in anatomy. She then obtained an MD degree and Master’s in Clinical Sciences from the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, and completed her MD internship and residency at Atlanta’s Grady Hospital, one of the nation’s elite teaching hospitals. It is also one of only two Level 1 Trauma Centers in Atlanta.

Dr. Powell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas.

Dr. Powell and Dr. Millington practiced in Chicago from 2000 to 2003. Dr. Millington served as Medical Director for a multi-disciplined practice. Both doctors became frustrated with two facets of the practices where they served: patients were not encouraged by others in the practice to get off prescription medications, and emphasis was on treating the most patients possible to maximize revenue, not on treatment that was best for patients. Physicians would not reduce medications for symptoms they treated such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

In 2006 Dr. Powell accepted a faculty position at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, the world’s largest chiropractic university. While on faculty at Life University, Dr. Powell was invited by Governor Nathan Deal’s office to represent the chiropractic profession at the Georgia State Capitol. He and Governor Deal’s staff agreed on the need for chiropractic care in far more medical facilities across the state.

Dr. Powell and Dr. Millington treat those in the 80% to 20% health range. With such care patients need not approach the 20% point so early in life. No two patients are alike, and no two office visits for that patient at Dr. Powell’s or Dr. Millington’s practices are alike. One visit might address chiropractic. The next might address naturopathic. The next exercise and/or diet and so on based on a patient’s unique needs.
Dr. Powell states, not entirely in jest, “The more people we can treat, the less likely patients will be aggressive behind the wheel, the more pleasant they will be at the grocery store, and the nicer their kids will be to other kids at school.” He does not claim to cure notorious Atlanta road rage, but we can no doubt agree that is a lofty goal and would be a delightful outcome. What other healthcare professionals that you know of aspire to such a result that benefits the entire community? 

“Taking medication for pain is like applying tape over a car dashboard warning light,” Dr. Powell says. “The problem condition still exists though the patient may think it does not.” Dr. Millington recently saw a patient with what she called a “widowmaker” – a heart condition without symptoms the patient might notice, but a condition that often causes instant death. She was able to quickly diagnose it and got the patient immediate lifesaving care. Patients routinely travel long distances to the practices, with many even residing out of state. The practices also treat many patients they never see. They recently completed a series of phone consultations with a patient in London, and got that patient off of their prescribed medications.

While physical exams cannot be done by phone, Dr. Powell and Dr. Millington evaluate many conditions by analyzing x-rays and lab reports, making test kits available, and more. Dr. Powell does not accept insurance, as that would drive up costs to patients. Insurance companies only pay a percentage of costs, so practices sometimes inflate those costs across the board, causing higher fees for patients who opt to pay cash or whose insurance does not cover the treatment. Further, there is a significant expense to a practice in administering insurance claims. Dr. Millington focuses on primary care, pain management, personal injury, and addiction. She accepts insurance for all services except for addiction treatment. For addiction patients, this assures a higher level of privacy, as insurance records are often shared with employers and others. Other specialists on staff at Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies include: Dr. Chris Greene – nutritional response testing, Chinese medicine; Dr. LaRonda “Ronda” Ward – applied nutritional analysis, iridology; and Dr. Jared Friebel – sports chiropractic. Shelves at the combined practices display over 2,600 products, such as whole food supplements, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, glandular, botanical, and homeopathic treatments. A Google search for “Kerith Powell and Belinda Millington” reveals a remarkable 5 Star rating with over 285 reviews on Any business with a 5 Star rating and over 50 reviews is doing something special. The practices serve patients of all ages, except Dr. Millington does not see pediatrics. Dr. Powell and Dr. Millington are husband and wife, having married in 1994. This engenders further accountability to their patients. They seamlessly refer patients to each other’s practices, with full disclosure, to assure that care is available and provided most expediently. More information for Dr. Kerith Powell at 770-979-5125 and for Dr. Belinda Millington at 470-395-3618

Chantele Jordan
Lifestyle Pain Management & Wellness Center


SNELLVILLE, GA: In addition to other services Lifestyle Pain Management & Wellness Center is now offering pain management services, and are currently accepting new patients. They treat conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and postoperative pain. 

“Our treatment plans offer unique services that are personalized to each patient’s particular needs and goals,” Dr. Belinda Millington.

The office features:

Medical healthcare is aware of the heightened concern during the ongoing pandemic and has taken several steps to secure the safety of our inhouse patients. All common areas are sanitized regularly. Patients and staff are recommended to wear protective masks. Patients are custom-booked to enable patients to have adequate time with the physician during their visit and avoid overcrowding in the office. Telehealth services as well as electronic prescriptions are available to allow for no touch contact.

Medical Healthcare, has been serving members of the local and surrounding communities since 2015. They provide a welcoming environment along with quality, efficient service. Call today to set up an appointment and hear how they can serve you today