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Doctor in Snellville, GA. Now offering Telehealth Services. Please call the office or email us today to schedule your visit.

Why Lifestyle Pain Management & Wellness Center?

Are you looking for a Medical Doctor that will take the time to listen to you and treat you with the respect you want? One that understands that your body is equipped with an inborn intelligence more powerful than any drug? Your search is over.

Lifestyle Pain Management & Wellness Center is a Snellville, GA integrated medical practice focused on Pain Management, Primary Medical Care, Addiction Medicine, and THC Registry..

Our diagnosis and treatment plans are unique and personalized to each patient’s particular needs and goals. We also provide telehealth services for our clients for extra convenience and safety.

"You can never cross the ocean without losing sight of the shore." - Christopher Columbus

We accept most major insurance providers.
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How we can help you.

Lifestyle Pain Management & Wellness Centeris primarily a pain management treatment center, but we also offer a selection of medical services ranging from addiction and stem cells treatment.

Addiction Medicine

We help patients manage addiction and restore a normal lifestyle.

Pain Management

We help patients manage conditions such as neck, back and joint pain.

Primary Medical Care

Our naturopathic approach integrates the best aspects of all medicines.

Stem Cells Treatment

Stem cell treatment to aid in the repair of damaged cells and tissues.

THC Registry

Our medial office participates in the THC registry program.

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